25 Aug


Look at what has become of this man. Back in 2001 he made “Room for Squares” and it spoke to a generation. People would ask me my taste in music and I’d say “Oh you know, John Mayer and stuff” and they’d be like “Cool.” Because they also had listened to “Why Georgia” on loop until their CD scratched. But now he’s surmounted to this impossibly lame Bob Dylan wanna be, playing dress up in a Civil War reenactment trunk, and believing that things he say still carry even a modicum of resonance in the world. I can’t pretend that watching the Prancercise lady to the tune of his pathetic Taylor Swift rebuttal is of any interest to me (Watch the music video I’m talking about here.) Good luck with your life on the apparently quite chilly American prairie you’ve chosen to inhabit. Maybe you can hold Katy Perry’s lipgloss in your tiny leather satchel.


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