30 Jul

Let’s begin with a communal eye roll at the list of one word TV shows I have first thought about watching, then DVRed and vowed only to watch in a moment of dire boredom, then instead watched promptly and promoted to series record and consumed with devotion that should really only be reserved for much holier entities.


20131028231627!Revenge-Promo-Poster-Season-One-ABC So there was this reasonless time when I didn’t watch Revenge. The branding which included a skirt made of thorns and a g that was randomly red felt like a transgression I couldn’t ignore. But for the first time on this blog I will say there are things more important to something’s value than design. In this case those things are beautiful people with secret identities, and complete and utter disregard for appropriateness.


scandal-embed1 OMG guys. Scandal is EVERYTHING. Just knowing that if I ever F up really hard Olivia Pope could fix it helps me sleep at night. Because while Olivia may spend her days cleaning up murders and often inadvertently conducting foreign policy via her bedroom escapades with the President, its humbling to watch her end each night with a bottle of red wine and a bowl of popcorn. It makes it obvious this is a realistic television show.


tumblr_inline_mmjvuulnsN1qz4rgp Notice a trend with the names? You don’t mind. I don’t either. This one had JIMMY COOPER from the O.C. in it, so I felt like that was basically a free pass for the whole series. Like uh yeah, of course I watch Deception… Marissa Cooper’s drunk screwup of a father with a HEART OF GOLD is in it. This baby got cancelled pretty fast out of the gate however. I guess folks just didn’t quite grasp the vampire face in the lower third of the poster. Or could have been an issue with the plot. I think I watched 5-6 episodes? Couldn’t tell you a thing about the show. Other than that Jimmy Cooper was in it.


Betrayal-poster Let’s all really stop worrying about the formulaic trend the show names are presenting. Think of them as chapters of a very dense, very profound novel. The novel is called #2014. And its only available through television, since I gave up on reading books a long time ago (with the exception of teen series, obviously). I actually haven’t watched Betrayal yet. But I think that’s only because I was already recording two other shows during the slot it was on. NETFLIX BITCHEZZZ


satisfaction And finally, Satisfaction. I just watched the pilot and was inspired enough to write this post. Its just heartening to know that we won’t ever really run out of these shows. If there is a one word emotion-laden entity and a couple of gorgeous actors to be had, I’ll know what I’m doing this Wednesday night.


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