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11 Aug


Beyonce-Instagram-2139477If any woman in the world is beautiful enough to pull off a pixie cut, its probably Beyonce. But that doesn’t mean I agree with her decision to chop off her long locks, ahem remove her weave. Maybe its personal bias from cutting my hair heinously short as a teen (may the internet NEVER reveal my first driver’s license picture). But if I’m gonna worship at the altar of this diva, I’m sure as hell gonna want to see her whip her hair. Or have an fro. Or those full head braids every white girl secretly wants. I just think something remarkable about Beyonce was her ability defy the norm that black women can’t have soft flowing tresses. Its also just a pretty butch move for someone who’s all about being sexy. And of course the pixie cut bears striking resemblance to Miley Cyrus’s new do, and that is wrong.