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20 Jan

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If I were the Art Institute, and I saw that womankind’s quest for alopecia had snagged my logo, I might write them a note like this:

Dear European Wax Center,

Hairless bikini lines can be an art form. And if the medium to achieve such smoothness is wax, we’re in full support. But therein concludes the similarities between our two establishments. So we are starkly opposed to see our logo in practical duplication for your own use.

Granted there is only so much equity that can be attributed to a red square. But our red square is a canvas and a representation of the boundaries that can be both met and defied by our institution. We even made an ad campaign to this effect.

What do you have to say of your own red square concept? Does it represent the square archetype of hairlessness women are forced to fit into in our culture? Or it is, as we suspect, the product of an underpaid designer’s dispassionate Google search for logos.

And finally if you’re going to copy us, exhibit even an ounce of artistry and change some aspect of the logo. Maybe the color, the text alignment, or the font style. Or at least do the classy thing and replace the U in your company name with a V, like we did.

Sincerely yet without admiration,
The Art Institute